Students at the Prodigy Pianist lead by Tünde Krasznai Pianist receive a full musical and piano education including:


- Note reading skills

- Sight reading

- Music theory

- Music history

- Ear training

- Music Appreciation

- Singing

- Stage performance



Several learning methods are offered including the American, Asian, and European curriculum:


ABRSM, Suzuki, Faber, Alfred, Bastien, Thompson, Bartok, the Hungarian Kodaly method, major classical repertoire.

Popular music and smooth jazz repertoire is also available.


“Music is for everyone”- a famous quote from Kodály Zoltán


The Prodigy Pianist has developed a special program for young children below 6 based on the world-famous Kodaly method and provides top quality piano instruction and service. The goal of the program is to create a joyful, enthusiastic atomsphere that enriches students' learning through a well-rounded and complete musical education. Students already at this young age are provided with several opportunities to perform and share their artistry with others. Students sing, play piano and dance from memory, a large number of traditional singing games, chants, and folk songs. First from the child's own heritage of folk song material and later expanded to include music of other cultures and countries. Later students learn to perform, listen to, and analyze the great art music of the world. The final goal is to achieve mastery of musical skills, such as musical reading and writing, singing and part-singing, to improvise and compose, using their known musical vocabulary at each developmental level. Being a responsible professional and a well rounded human being with a healthy work moral and ethic is the utmost goal.


hear it first

then imagine

then understand

then read and write

then create

then play

then perform artisticly

Tünde Krasznai piano teacher at her music school

Recent Events

Bay Village Auditorium

Sarasota, Florida 

May, 2018

Piano Recital of

Tünde-Ilona Krasznai

Steinway Recital in Seattle, WA

November, 2017


Piano Recital of Tünde-Ilona Krasznai

  Sarasota, Florida

October 2017

Selby Library

500th Anniversary

of the 


Niagara Falls


June 2017

Tünde-Ilona Krasznai with Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Resources in Hungary - Niagara Falls, June 2017

Niagara Falls, ON (Canada)

June 7th - 9 PM

Tünde Krasznai Fulbright Award 

Sarasota, Florida

Bay Village Auditorium

October 2016

Dr. Zsolt Németh, head of the Hungarian Parliament, Foreign Relations with Pianist  Tünde Krasznai in Sarasota

Miami, Florida

Hungarian Memorial Ceremony

Hungary's Ambassador to the United States, Szemerkényi Réka with Tünde Krasznai after her Piano Recital in Miami 

Best New Pianist

Discovery in South East Asia



by the National Critics Choice - Singapore 2012

Best New Pianist Discovery in South East Asia
Tunde with her new award

Best New Pianist Discovery in South East Asia


- awarded by the National Critics Choice, Singapore





Prodigy Pianist Pte.Ltd.


Music has the power to stimulate the mind enrich the heart and soothe the soul.

Prodigy Pianist prepares students for the internationally recognized music examinations: Trinity Guildhall College of London Exams and ASRSM Exams (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music).


We provide the highest quality of piano education, an effective and all-round methodology, and a well designed teaching program.


Each music course provides students with a complete performance experience and organized concepts of music theory and history.


During the school year Prodigy Pianist organizes recitals and concerts performed by students, which contribute to the students’ progress in their artistic-professional experience.



  Music School Singapore


Tünde-Ilona Krasznai  

+65 843 55 309

Germany, Heidenheim



Hungary, Budapest

+36 70 343 38 52


USA, Los Angeles

Tünde-Ilona Krasznai

+1 424 456 0144

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